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Leaf Pickup Through December 31
Leaf pickup will occur in conjunction with regularly scheduled street cleaning days citywide through December 31. Here are a few helpful reminders for Ward 16 residents:

  • if your neighborhood does not have street cleaning signs posted, you can find your street’s cleaning schedule online

  • the City will pick up leaves that have fallen from City trees if they are piled in the street approximately 1.5 feet from the curb

  • tree limbs, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, etc. must be removed from any leaves that are left for curbside pickup

  • other leaves from your yard should be placed in your alley’s yard waste dumpsters

  • if your yard waste dumpster is full, place leaves in paper yard waste bags and schedule them for pickup from the “tree yard” in front of your home (between the sidewalk and the street); you must call the Citizen’s Service Bureau at 314-622-4800 to request bagged leaf pickup

  • residents should mulch leaves with a lawn mower or mulcher before disposal to maximize the capacity of dumpsters and lawn bags

Expanded Availability for City Dumps
City residents now have increased opportunities to drop off trash and other unwanted items at the City’s dumps, which are located at 201 North Humboldt Avenue and 4100 South First Street. Both locations are now operating seven days per week (except for City holidays) from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Previously, residents could only drop off trash once per month. Under a new policy, City residents can now drop off trash, yard waste, recycling, bulk items, car batteries, motor oil, appliances and car tires up to 12 times per year – including multiple times in the same month. 

When dropping off trash, residents should bring a driver’s license or state ID that proves City residency, along with a recent combined water/solid waste fee statement. Prior to visiting, residents also should review the list of items that are not accepted.


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